Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions
Narikala Fortress at Night.. Tbilisi Old Town Skyline ..

Highlights of Tbilisi SightSeeing Attractions

Tbilisi, largest and capital city of Georgia (country), is located in Eurasia. For this strategic location of Tbilisi, it is also known as “Balcony of Europe” –  a perfect blend of European and Asian cultures.  A little-hidden gem in Eurasia, Tbilisi is a journey to hospitality and culture.  Georgia not only captivates your mind or body but it mesmerizes your soul too.  Let’s go through Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions which passes along 4th-century historic lanes, Soviet-era houses, nature parks, funky Georgian cafes, religious places and many more. 

Highlights of Tbilisi SightSeeing Attractions

I started my Tbilisi city tour from Old Tbilisi and I have booked my stay there only.

  • CABLE CAR TO NARIKALA FORTRESS – Take a Cable Car to 4th-century Narikala Fortress for stunning views of whole Tbilisi. Here you can walk along the remnants of this ancient fortress which was earlier Persian CITADEL and was renamed as Narin Qala by Mongols in the 11th/12th   In the 19th century, this fortress was damaged by natural calamities.    Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions
    Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

The Cable Car takes around 1 Georgian Lari approximately for the One-way trip.  You will ride over the old architectures to reach to the top.  From the top, you can see Old Tbilisi town on one side of river Mtkvari and some strange modern architectures on another side of the river.   

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Aerial View from Narikala Fortress – Tbilisi
  • WALKING ALONG OLD TOWN – As I told you to take a Cable car only for one way trip – just to climb up the fortress and for getting down, hike through ancient town. While walking down from Narikala Fortress top, you will pass along old architectures, Small Soviet styled houses with lovely balconies. Many of these houses are converted into hostels/homestays for tourists.  I recommend having a stay there.    Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

  • REZO GABRIADZE THEATRE – As you are going through narrow ancient lanes of Old Town, you will pass along this famous and unique clock tower of theatre. This Leaning Tower was created by Georgian Puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze and so it is named after him. This theatre is famous for special puppet shows. You can also witness these special clock shows at every hour depicting – CIRCLE OF LIFE – Boy meets Girl, Marriage, Child Birth & Funeral.   Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

  • BRIDGE OF PEACE – After having Old Town tour, walk along the Pedestrian Walkway on Bridge of Peace – a Unique Architecture constructed on Mtkvari River. It was built by Italian Architect which is 156m in length and have 10,000 LED bulbs. These bulbs illuminate in the special pattern before sunset.  This bridge comes under one of the most Top 13 Unusual Bridges of the world.  This bridge connects to Rike Park on other side and is famous for having beautiful views of Tbilisi city with its famous skyline having Narikala fortress and ancient houses.   Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions
  • HOLY TRINITY CATHEDRAL OF TBILISI – An Orthodox Church of Tbilisi also known as Sambea. This cathedral is one of the biggest Orthodox Cathedral of the world. It was built in 2004 with a blend of modernism and old traditions.  Ladies require scarves & skirts to enter and Man should not wear short trousers. If you are not carrying then it is available at the entrance.   Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

  • ABANOTUBAMI SULPHUR BATHS – Visit this historic place where it is believed that city was built on this place. Hot Sulphur waters springing out from undergrounds is known for its Natural Healing capabilities especially to the skin.  You can also book private chambers for Sulphur baths on an hourly basis or can go along with Public Sulphur Baths.  They are covered in ancient styled rooms.  CAUTION – Do not wear metallic jewellery or stoned jewellery as Sulphur waters can harm metals and stones.  Also, water is steamy or very hot but not bad for your skin.  Your skin will not get burnt.  Take an extra pair of clothes for changing.  
    Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

    natural Sulphur bath private room at Tbilisi

  • NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDENS OF TBILISI – Spread along 160 hectares and consisting of special 4,500 plant species, this garden is located at the Narikala Fortress foothills and spread towards the top of the hills.  
    Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

    Botanical Gardens of Tbilisi

  • FREEDOM SQUARE – This is very prominent place in Tbilisi and you cross this square several times during your Its history is associated with many mass demonstrations including famous Georgian Independence from the Soviet Union.  Also, you can have a look of Tbilisi City Hall which is located here.  This square branches into 6 streets.  In the centre, there is Granite column with a gilded statue of St. George.  This square is the busy square of Tbilisi with great architectures and luxurious hotels.  Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions
  • MTATSMINDA PARK – Take a Funicular to this park on the mountain or you can go by road too. From there have great views of Tbilisi city and during clear weather, you can even spot Caucasus mountain ranges and its highest peak – Mt. Kazbek.  There is Ferris wheel on the top – Tbilisi Eye for a view of the whole You can also go to Bombora Amusement Park.  
    Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

    View from Mtatsminda Park – Tbilisi

  • EVENING / NIGHT WALK AT SHARDENI STREET – Named after French Traveler Jean Chardin, this narrow Pedestrian street is a vibrant centre of city’s cultural, social & Night Life. This street is lined up with quirky galleries, fashionable cafes, funky Georgian bars, etc. This is a crowded street full of young and lively crowd, musical shows/cafes and Karaoke
  • RUSTAVELI AVENUE – Walk along Rustaveli Aveny which starts from Freedom Square and is approximately it is 1.5 km long. During this walk, you will pass along a large number of Government Institutions like Georgian Academy of Science, Tbilisi Opera Theatre, Museums, Former Parliament of Georgia, Church and many more. Rustaveli Street is the main arterial road of Tbilisi.  Also, you will find high-end branded shopping here.  There are many luxurious stay options too.  Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

  • GEORGIAN FOOD AT MACHAKELA – Try Georgian Cuisine at Caucasian Restaurant located at foothills of Narikala Fortress – MACHAKELA. Machakela is traditional Georgian Pastry chain. It is famous for its Khachapuri – a special boat-shaped Georgian bread with Egg and cheese floating on it. All bread is made on a wood-fired  Also bean Bread – Lobiyani & bean Soup – Lobiyo is very famous of this place. Vegetarians would love this place as they have many vegetarian varieties.  Two floored restaurants with balconies facing the river, the old city is favorite of many tourists and locals.  It is always crowded.  
    Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

    Georgian Cuisine – Lobiyo

Tbilisi is the hidden gem of Eastern Europe and also has been referred to as Berlin of East Europe in many magazines due to its emerging night and club life. Also, it is the fastest Emerging coolest city with its urban atmosphere.  Tbilisi is magical in day as well as evening.  Enjoy Tbilisi during day and night –  both times….  

Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions

Tips for First Timers in Tbilisi –

  • Tbilisi can be done by walking Tours i.e. by foot.
  • Stay near Narikala Fortress or Soviet styled homes turned into hostels in Old Town.
  • Taxis are very cheap and you can also use your bargaining skills.
  • Tbilisi is a great place for Art lovers as there is a special street with lots of Paintings selling on streets by artists themselves. Also, Tbilisi has a wide range of art galleries for display and art exhibitions.
  • Go for day Trips or Side Trips to nearby cities of Tbilisi –






Tbilisi is having INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT  and major flights from all over the world commute to this place.

You can also catch internal flights to Georgian cities like Batumi (Black Sea), Kutaisi, etc from here.

Tbilisi has a confluence of both cultures – Western & Eastern due to its location and also Georgian people are very welcoming.  Tbilisi has a wide range of budget-friendly hotels, restaurants and activities.  Make your trip to Tbilisi a memorable one and I bet, you will make your plan again to this city as it is very magical and hypnotic.   These are Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions but there are many more ……  

Highlights of Tbilisi Sightseeing Attractions
Tbilisi Evenings

Till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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